There have been times when we fall prey to the flu. There are many reasons of being affected with this viral disease. Sometimes we contract flu due to the change in environment. Hence, it becomes viral and we get it from our friends, family members, shopkeeper. The viral flu is very rampant, so there is the need to understand how to save yourself from viral flu.

Below mentioned are some help tips and a bunch of information which will be really helpful for you to make yourself aware of flu, its test for detection and other aspects of flu i.e. prevention.

There is a kind of flu which is called ‘viral’. The viral flu is not something for which you must be worried about. It is said that if you will use medicine for getting rid of viral flu it will take a week. On the other hand if you didn’t take medicine for flu, then it will take seven days. You might be wondering that one week and seven days are the same thing. Yes, you are right!
There is no effect on viral flu whether you take medicine or not. You will be strangled to know that for viral flu, there is no need for medication. The point is that when you take medication for flu, then it tends to freeze flu in your nose and mind. This can really shake your head and will give you a headache.

a cup of tea

So whenever, you are suffering from viral flu, don’t take medication. Instead, you can take lemonade because lemon is very good when it comes to cure viral flu.

Following mentioned are some symptoms which you will begin to feel when you are about to contract flu.
The initial stage of flu is that you will start to feel a low grade fever. In addition to low grade fever comes severe pain which begins to grip your joints and muscles.

Another flu test is that you will start to feel overall weakness in your body. You won’t be energetic anymore and even walking to the fridge will seem very difficult feat to you.

The other symptoms that are very much common among flu patients is that they start to feel fatigue. Due to fatigue, people can’t focus and they tend to make mistakes in whatever they do.If you are contracting the flu in winter season then you may also find yourself caught in a dry cough. In addition to dry cough you may also feel like you are having a sore throat and water is continuously flowing from your nose.

Flu test, generally, varies from person to person.It all depends upon the immune system of each person. If someone has a strong immune system, then the chances are bleak that person will be fighting with flu for a longer period of time.

The immune system is the army of our body. When the immune system is stronger than the external particles and viruses find it hard to attack our health. On the contrary, when our immune system is weak, then even a light virus can disrupt our health.
The purpose of eating medicine is always to strengthen our immune system. That’s why doctors always give medication which works against the virus that is infecting our body.

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Whenever you contract flu always be sure that you are protecting your friends, family from it. You can also have a face mask when you are having flu. Also, do inform your friends and anybody who wants to shake hands with you , that you are suffering from flu.
There are nowadays so many kinds of flu that preventive actions are mandatory to take. If you are not sure that which type of flu, you are having then always consult your doctor. There are so many diseases which are linked with flu that are taking so many precious lives.

There is also some vaccination available with the doctor. For example, you can go through preventive vaccination against viral flu, anytime. The validity of vaccination against flu is very much effective. If you find some of your colleagues having flu, then you may gently ask them to wear face mask.

Try your level best that your saying such words don’t hurt the flu infected person. If necessary, you may tell them in detail what are the effects of viral flu. Make them realize that protecting yourself from flu is not only better for the patient, but also for the whole community as well. With the preventive actions you can make sure that you stay healthy along with your family, friends and everyone.