All about Lecithin supplement


Lecithin is also known by other names too.

  • Egg lecithin
  • Soya Phospholipide
  • Soya Lecithin
  • Ovolethicin
  • Soybean Lethicin

What is this?

In our body there are some essential fats, of which healthy quantity is necessary. Generally there are many fats and Lecithin is one of them. It is normally found in many diets which we eat. For example, soybeans and egg yolk are the best resources of Lecithin.

Where it is used?

Lecithin is considered as the best medicine when it comes to the treatment of memory disorders. For example, it works wonder for the disease of Alzheimer and Dementia. The effectiveness of Lecithin, is also considered as valid for the treatment of gallbladder. Other diseases pertaining to the Liver, depression related diseases, skin diseases- known as Eczema, are also well cured by Lecithin. It also works as a moisturizer agent for our skin too.

The usage of Lecithin, is also made for the protection of different foods which may run on the risk of being rotten if not secured with Lecithin as additive. In food, the application of Lecithin makes sure that food will remain fresh and together, if you don’t want your food to separate out.

for health

You will also find Lecithin involved in eye’s related medicines. The reason to incorporate Lecithin in eye-related medicine is that it keeps the medicine in such a form that medicine does not slip away from our eye’s cornea.

Effects on different diseases

The studies have shown that those patients who are suffering from liver related diseases, it works great for them. Actually, it is considered as a very good ingredient which helps to eliminate fat, which normally accumulates around the liver.

However, for the patients of gallbladder related diseases, Lecithin has failed to show health effects. People do use it for gallbladder diseases, but its effectiveness is either quite low and even in some cases no progress was observed in such patients.

As we have said before that it is widely believed that Lecithins works for memory disorders. But in reality, there is no such evidence available from which it can be ascertained that it is a good healing agent for the patients who are suffering from Alzehimer.

Another area where lecithin is found ineffective is ‘head injury’. Those people who have broken their head during road accidents or during fulfillment of their duties in industrial jobs are not recommended to use it for head injury recovery.

It is also known as a reduction ingredient for those who have high cholesterol. In reality, it is only good for patients who have started to observe that their cholesterol level is rising up. In other words, Lecithin is considered as a good supplement for people who are in the initial state of high cholesterol disease.

For those patients who suffer from Low Density Lipoprotein, Lecithin has proved to be ineffective.

how it helps

Those patients who have problems like delusion, it has proved that it really heal them out. Other diseases like hallucinations or those people who suffer from jumbled speech, Lethicin is the right supplement for them. It has also proven effects on people who suffer from manic as well.

Those people who have dry skins can use Lethicin supplement to get rid of dryness of their skin. However the effectiveness of Lethicin as a skin supplement varies person to person. There are some people who have reported that Lethicin didn’t work on their skin. It is necessary, therefore, that consultation with the doctor be made before using Lethicin supplement.

Tardive Dyskinesia is a disease which in simple words is called movement disorder disease. For TD related diseases, it is known that the application of Lecithin supplement will cure movement disorder. In reality, there is no concrete evidence that it can really suit patients who suffer from Tardive Dyskinesia. It is advisable, therefore, that in light of findings that  supplement does not work for patients of Tardive Dyskinesia, such patients should consult the doctor for going through proper treatment.

The research has also shown that application of Lecithin was of no use for the people who suffer from Parkinsoris diseases. There are many diseases which come in the category of it. Stress, anxiety and Eczema usually count in the category of Parkinsoris diseases.


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