Benefits of Emu oil


Emu is the name of a bird which looks like an Ostrich. Emu oil is extracted from the fat of Emu through a process. This oil is used as a medicine.

It is considered as very good medicine when it comes to control cholesterol  and it is taken by mouth. Emu is good medicine for weight reduction, cough syrup colds and it is very effective in dealing life taking flu which are rampant in Africa.

Emu oil is very beneficial if applied on skin for easing down muscles. It is also very beneficial for troublesome bones , uneasiness and inflammation. Other diseases that this oil can address well are CPS, shine splints and gout. It is very good in dealing with wounds, any type of cuts, burns which are caused because of radiation therapy. It is again very reliable for reducing bruising and stretch marks of operation.

It is also a vital supplement which helps to recover faster after going through operation, it remove scars which occur due to removal of skin for the purpose of skin grafts; it also vanishes red spots of pimples. It also softens your body, especially hands.

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Again, Emu is also a proven supplement for addressing issues like athlete’s foot,diaper rash; poor circulation of blood. It also can address poor skin conditions. Emu is also used in critical disease like Cancer too. It works well with for garnering the skin. Other aspects which it can work with perfectly well are, dandruff, wrinkles, psoriasis and Eczema. Emu is also frequently used for the protection of the skin from the sun. It also makes skin so glowing that a person looks too younger than their actual age.

The irritation which is caused due to shingles, bed sores and hemorrhoids can be healed through Emu oil. Other diseases which can be cured through Emu are , earaches, insect bites and frostbite. Emu can also be used for the purpose of getting relief from rashes, nicks and razor burns.

Besides, it is also popular with massage therapists.  Some people also use this oil for getting rid of cold and flu.

In order to lower down the blood fat, use it along with GA. The same dose is also valid for addressing cholesterol maintenance problems. It is also very helpful in prevention and treatment of different types of allergies. It is also great for the treatment of headaches, in addition to that, it works still better for migraines. Another benefit of using Emu oil, is it prevents from nosebleeding. In winter season, application of it gives relief every type of allergic reaction It is also very much helpful against the discomfort which are observed in menstruation.

Veterinary doctors use Emu oil for their patients. It also prevents animal from a number of diseases. It can not only prevent many diseases but it works as medicine for a number of animal diseases.
Multi National Companies are also fond of Emu, as it is used to lubricate and sharpen oil machineries. It is also used for embellishing different equipment. It is also used for the purpose of condition and waterproofing certain critical objects.


How it works?

As we have discussed above that Emu oil is made up of certain chemicals which are extract from fat. The presence of these fatty acids help reduce many troublesome diseases.

Another study has revealed its application works far effectively to address recent inflammation rather than chronic inflammation.
The oil has the same properties as mineral oil. Hence, its application has same effects as of mineral oil.
It can help get relief in following medical conditions.

As far as the matter of authenticity of Emu oil is concerned, nothing can be said for sure. Still, researches are being made to ascertain the level of authenticity Emu oil enjoys.

How safe it is? This question is also quite dubious to answer. You are advised to use this oil only after doctor’s prescription. Never Use it on your own because it may be fatal to your health.

It is not yet clear whether Emu is safe for pregnant women. Therefore, always be conscious and be informed about the use of Emu. Contact your doctor or dermatologist for getting a definite opinion.


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