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CrossFit not only prepares the body for the known, but also it is concerned about preparing body that is unknown. This is what CrossFit has the mantra. It is one of the best and fastest strength building programs available on earth. This program is not conventional or traditional in its nature like other programmes which are available out there for strength building. It is not a program wherein the whole focus is given to weight lifting or aerobics.

CrossFit a composite program wherein not only physical health is considered, but also other factors for forming a healthy mind and body. There are various exercises which boost one’s motivation level and also steadily grow one stronger.
The CrossFit founder is of the view that their  program is not to achieve specialization of any kind. The ultimate aim is to build a person according to nature. There is a mix of every type of exercise which will get you from A to Z.

This  program is very demanding so it’s not really easy to do things. If you have been inactive for a considerable time, then you will find it hard to get in rhythm. But don’t worry, there are steps and procedure, to which you can adopt and finally make up your stamina so that you can be an active CrossFit member.

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CrossFit is a full package wherein there are so many things which have been brought under one roof. In this program, there are exercises of strength training. You will also find components of explosive plyometics. In order to make you super fit, speed training is also the part of the  program. Wait, still there is a lot more. You will will be doing weight lifting, body exercises. You will also be trained in gymnastic and other endurance exercises.

By doing CrossFit exercises you will attain greater flexibility in your body. These exercises are designed to strengthen your cardiorespiratory fitness. There are so many people, almost in millions who are suffering heart disease. Due to lax lifestyle after the machines have taken all the responsibility to produce products- we are going very little manual work. Due to inactivity, nowadays people are falling in heart related diseases.

For having a great immune system our body needs to be worked out in a good way. The cross Fit program gives all that. It builds your stamina. However, there is also an aspect of body building in it. Within a few weeks you will have a body that is presentable with a lot of Abs and muscular arms. CrossFit also provides ample exercise which will help you build a greater balance in your body. With regular exercise you can have super coordination in the different parts of your body. Crossfit always makes sure that you adapt to their program with 100% accuracy.

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For  training you will need to spare your time for doing work out which lasts for 03 to 05 days per weeks. You will have to go through an intense workout which will last for a period of 05 to 15 minutes.
Like in Yoga, CrossFit is also designed in circuit format: There is a whole pattern in which you do exercises – one exercise after another and hence circle goes on. The ultimate aim is to keep you warm so there is very little rest that you can do between each step of CrossFit exercise.

CrossFit is a beautiful mixture of pushing , running and rowing exercise. Hence, there is each and everything in CrossFit which will cover a broader range of exercises.

There are many exercises which are the part of the  program. For your understanding and quick glimpse, we are mentioning a few of them here.

No.01 Power Cleans

During Power clean exercise, you have to pull weight from the floor to the front of your shoulders. This exercise is to be done quickly and with speedy manner.

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No. 02 Burpees

In Burpess exercise you have to do only body-weight workout. In this exercise you will be standing at the beginning and then you drop yourself quickly on the floor by doing push ups and end up jumping straight.

No. 03 The Snatch

In the snack section of the CrossFit exercise you will have to lift a weight bar with speed from the floor to your head- during this weight pulling exercise you will keep your arms straight.


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