Cinnamon supplements- Merits and Demerits


Generally, cinnamon is popular for being spicy, lattes and sprinkled on toast. Another good thing about this spicy is its extract, which is taken from the bark of the cinnamon tree. This bark of the cinnamon tree is being used as medicine throughtout the world.

Why it is popular among people?

Researchers have found that one type of Cinnamon which is called Cassia Cinnamon is the good medicine for patients who have high blood sugar in their blood. It helps to lower down the amount of blood sugar for the patients of diabetes.

On the contrary, there are also some researchers who have found no use of Cinnamon and don’t agree with the notion that this spicy is of benefit for diabetes patient.

Researchers have also conducted a broad based research on Cinnamon for its effectiveness in the treatment of yeast infection caused by HIV. But again there is no any solid reasoning behind the claim that it really works best for HIV patients. Hence, the study remains inconclusive.

However, some lab studies have confirmed that this plant may really help to reduce inflammation becaue it has antioxidant characteristics. It is also very good at fighting bacteria. However, researches haven’t confirmed that what would be exact implication of using Cinnamon as anti-bacteria medicine.

In light of above two contradictory stances on Cinnamon, it is unclear whether it is beneficial or not. May be in future we may ascertain the exact uses or drawbacks of Cinnamon as researches are underway.

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What is the appropriate amount of Cinnamon dose?

As we have discussed above that still there is no legitimate findings about Cinnmon, therefore it can’t be declared with firm knowledge that how much dose is appropriate. There are some people who recommend a dose of half to one teaspoon that equals to around 2 to 4 grams. Cinnamon comes in the shape of powder. There are also some studies which are of the view that Cinnamon may be taken from 1 to 6 grams. Be ware of high doses as they are toxic in nature.

Can Cinnamon be extracted from food?

Basicially, Cinnamon is found in various foods as it is an additive to them. If you want to purchase it from the store, you may choose common spice cinnamon. That can be of two types or it can also be mixture of two types.

However, the Ceylon spice is way easier to grind at home but the dark side of it is that it is less effective for diabetes. There is another type of Cinnamon which is called Cassia Cinnamon which is dark in color than other types of this spice.

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Side effects

As Cinnamon is a nutral product, therefore there are not any side effects. Howerver, if you over consumed then there are chances that you may feel irration of the lips and mouth. It may also cause you to feel sores. It has also been reported that usuage of itn also causes allergic reation in many people.

There are also some people who have sensitive skin. If it is applied on sensitive skin it may cause redness and irritation i.e. itching.

 Some Risks

As we have mentioned already that high quantity of Cassia cinnamon can prove to be fatal for your health. The problem with it is that when you use it in shape of heavy does –it turns out to be poison instead of medine. It is highly toxic if taken in excessive quantity.

Those people who have liver disorder should be conscious in using Cassia Cinnamon. They are advised to consult with a specialist or a doctor before going to use it.

The function of this spice is to lower the blood sugar,hence those people who are using it for their treatment of high blood sugar should adjust their treatment.

good spice for health

Those patients who are suffering from Cancer which caused by disturbance in hormone level are strongly advice not to use Cinnamon as a treatment.

We also don’t recommend this spice for pregnant women. This can prove fatl for the healt of mother and child. Always rely on your doctor’s prescription and don’t indulge in any activity which may cause you big loss in terms of health and life.

Please also don’t use it as medicine for minor children. Children are also very prone to meeting some big incident.

The best practice to cure any disease is to consult a legimitate and authorized doctor. Self experimentation is never good for the sake of health.


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