Different Types of Estrogen Supplement


If you are considering the option of having Estrogen therapy then there are many things which should be considered before you make the final decision. The reason for thinking deep before final decision is that there are many types of Estrogen Replacement Therapy available at disposal. There are different types of procedures for such therapy. One way of having estrogen supplement is through pills. Another method is consist of patches. And then there is yet another method, called Suppositories. This isn’t the end of options available, there are other many too.

In order to help you decide best supplement, we are going to discuss some of them in detail, below.

Treatment of Estrogen through Pills

The most popular method of Estrogen Therapy is oral therapy in which pills are used. For the sake of clarification, the pills that are used are Premarin, Estrace and Estratab.

Please be aware that self medication can prove fatal to your health. Always consult a doctor, if you are thinking to use Estrogen. Always follow the doctor’s instruction with respect to dose, which you should have on daily basis. However, the common practice is that Estrogen pills are taken only once a day and that too with empty stomach.

There are other pills too which are taken with different procedure and schedules.

Benefits of the Pills

Estrogen pills are great source of revival for the women who are going through menopause. Estrogen is also known for decreasing the risk of having Osteoporosis.Nowadays, there are so many options available for having  treatment. But still, this conventional method of taken pills orally is still considered as the safest option.

Demerits of the Pills

The demerits of the pills have been remained a hot topic for debates in renowned English newspaper since a long time. The widely known demerit of having  therapy through pills is that it may trigger the risk of having strokes in most patients.

It has also been observed that the pills also contribute to produce blood clots that are dangerous of the patient’s cardiovascular system.

Like any other allopathic medicine, taking Estrogen orally, also have side effects. It has been reported that patients who use  pill may fall victim of side effects, such as, nausea, vaginal discharge and even their breast can turn into swollen shape that start to feel pain.

Pills are also not recommended to people who have liver related problem. Those patients who are suffering from Hepatitis A,B,C should not take Estrogen unless doctor suggests so.

Pills are also not recommended for people who have stomach related problems. If your stomach is not good at digesting then, Estrogen may cause health issues. Such patients can face abnormality in their cholesterol level. Because your stomach just can’t digest Estrogen.

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Treatment of Estrogen through Patches

If the option of having therapy by pills is not feasible for you then there is another method which is called Estrogen Therapy by Skin patches.

The application of Estrogen through pills may help preventing Osteoporosis. But it is not that efficient when it comes to treatment of Menopause.

In the therapy through patches, you have to wear Estrogen Patch around lower stomach. Just below the waistline. The patch will be there for a period which can vary for one to two weeks. For how much time you should wear the patch, this will be decided by the doctor.

Benefits of the Therapy through Patches

There are numerous benefits of selecting hormonal Therapy by patches procedure. By selecting patches you won’t only have benefits which comes due to patches therapy. Moreover, it has also the benefits which are associated with Oral therapy: i.e pills. The best advantage of patches therapy is that it is very easy, you just have to fasten the patch around your waist. There is no need to worry about eating pills.

Demerits of hormonal Therapy through Patches

There is a school of thought which looks patches through with a skeptic eye. There aren’t any reported benefits of having patches therapy. However, one fact about patches therapy is undeniable: it is very safe because there aren’t any side effects of it.



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