Different types of pimples and how to get rid of them


The appearance of pimples is considered as normal in the early teen ages. But when one has crossed this early teenage and still pimples don’t seem to go away, one start to moan – ‘oh that’s not fair’.

You have done all that you could do for getting rid of pimples- but still you find that there is no remedy which is working for you.
So, What can you really do?

Dermatologists are of the view that there is not any age limit for acne. It can show up anytime they wish. However, here is the good news for you – with good care you can now get rid of pimples, easily and instantly.

The reasons

The pimples which one get while entering in the teen age is called Acne Vulgaris. These are special pimples which only appear on the skin of teen ager. The rest of pimples are called rosacea. In other terminology, rosacea is widely called as rosacea. These rosacea pimples are not confined to the teenagers. Anybody can get it, from child to eight years old lady.

The most common  pimple is the adult acne. The problem with the adult acne is that most people don’t recognize it well, says one dermatologist. He further said that , “ The appearance or arrival of comedos can also come in the later years of a person’s life. The nature of these comedos can be one or multi-dimensional. There are people who say that pimples are the business of only young people , but in reality adults too get it”.

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The center point of acne is a pimple. In medical jargon they are called comedo. To understand what is actually a pimple? Actually pimple is a plug of fat, debris of the skin in which keratin uses to stick in the duct of hair.

This acne, which is called comedo is converted into blackhead when it is in an open condition. When this pimple is in closed shape, it is called a whitehead. The function of whitehead is that it rupture the wall of hair duct. Such rupture of the wall of the hair duct leads to redness, pustules. They also cause papules, nodules and also it causes cysts of acne.

It has been observed that boy normally contract acne scarring. On the other side girls don’t have acne scarring. The majority of the girls uses to contract adult acne most of the times.

Generally, it is said that acne occurs due to poor hygiene. Strangely enough, that’s not the whole truth. There are several factors which are responsible for acne. The most important factor that causes acne are the hormones which lead to excess oil secretion. Another fact is the faulty closing of the duct of the hair.

Some people think that washing face time and again is good for preventing yourself from acne. However, that’s not true as well. It’s fine if you wash your face just two times a day.

What’s the solution?

If you opt for curing your acne  by visiting a doctor, then it will be called acne surgery. Same practice if done at home will be called squeezing of pimples. The result of squeezing  is very fast. But the dark side of squeezing your pimples is that you help your comedos to grow even in large numbers. Please don’t squeeze your pimples at all. Now you may ask the doctors do the same, then why can’t you do this at home? Okay! The answer is that doctors use a particular sterile instrument which prevents scarring. By using special instruments, doctors also make sure that you don’t fall into another infection and spread of acne.

Several ways to get rid of this problem:

However, if you want to use some ointment for getting rid of acne, again, there are lots of products available in the market. So the question arises here that which product or ointment you can use? To be very honest, the selection of one particular product is a hard thing to do.
If you want to be good at making choice in buying a product then you must have knowledge about your pimple. Each product is different and address only one type of acne. The best choice for curing your pimples is to use products that are oil free. Also make sure that you are using only non-comedogenic lotion. Sunscreen products also play a good role to keep your skin acne free.


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