Don’t take Jaw pain on one side lightly


Temporomandibular joint is the medical name of  jaw joint. In short form it is normally referred as TMJ.

Our this Jaw is made up of the bone, which is located below our mouth. Again, in medical terminology it is called mandible which is called jawbone in plain English. And the bone, which is located just above our mouth is called the maxilla. The function of the TMJ is to allow our upper jaw to close down on our lower jaw. This is one part of our body is the one who remains busy all the time.

As far as the composition of terporomandibular is concerned, it is a complex one. It is made up of muscles, bones and tendons. The jaw pain is obvious if we meet some accident or any disorder happens due to medical reasons.

There are two sides of our jaw and pain can occur either at one or both sides of it. The nature of pain varies with the kind of pain. There is the one which occurs when we open our mouth – and there is another kind of pain which happens when we chew something.

The pain in our jaw can also be due to other reasons than TMJ. We can also feel it in our jaw due to heart attack and angina. When we are under attack of a heart attack or angina the epicenter of the pain is the chest, but the it was to spread to wares our jaw area.

There are some kinds of arthritis as well, which can disturb our TMJ and as a result, we face pain when we try to move our joint.

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Why Does a Heart Attack Affect Jaw?

When a patient is under heart attack, there is a blood clot that usually obstructs fluent blood flow in his heart’s muscle. This is the most common cause of heart attack. In medical science this is called myocardial infarction.

The indication of a heart attack is that when it strikes, it feels likes a pressure. It feels like there is a cramping or someone is squeezing your chest.

Another feeling which a patient feels after a heart attack is of pain which feels like reaching your jaw. From your jaw the pain will travel towards your shoulders, from there to your back and from there to your arm. During heart attack you feel a severe pain in your jaw. Some feel like there is a discomfort which is surrounding their jaw. There are some patients who feel it in the upper body, but don’t feel any pain in their chest. The reason of feeling pain in the upper body, but no in the chest can be that other parts of our body are more prone to pain than our chest.

Such situation where it is felt more around upper body of body than chest is normally associate with women. Men do feel pain in chest when they are suffering from a heart attack.

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What you should do?

Obviously the first thing that you should do after feeling pain in one side of your jaw is to contact a doctor. If it is mild and short living, then there is no need to worry much. But if you are experiencing that pain is consistent and causing stiffness, then you should definitely contact your doctor without wasting time.

It is a matter of common observation that people who suffer from heart attack feel anxiety and panic. There is an arousal of feeling which seems to them uneasy and unclear. They feel like a sense of dread or doom is hitting htem.

If you are the one who have above mentioned feelings or symptoms along with jaw pain that has started with short notice and is severe then immediately call 911 or helpline which is available for instant help in your country.

You may also see a doctor if you feel chest pain. There is a need to call a doctor in case you have started to feel it in abdomen / stomach. The symptoms of abdomen pain is that you will start to feel queasy or stick to stomach or even throwing up.


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