Five Reasons for Pain under Left Rib Cage


In medical terminology rib cage is called thoracic cavity. It is very delicate part of our body as this area of our body gets the most damage in incidents like accidents. Left rib is surrounded by the chest muscles with the support of the shoulder girdle. Inside the rib cage there are many critical organs and if you feel pain under your rib – it may be due to medical conditions of your organs.

Similarly, if you are feeling pain in your chest this is an alarming condition which raises the possibility of heart pain. On the contrary, all pains which arise in the rib don’t belong to medical conditions.

The knowledge about different pain under left rib cage is important in terms of knowing whether the pain is notice worthy or negligible.

The information is given here is just for your understanding. In case your condition is worsening with time, then you must not neglect visiting a physician or a doctor. This information is also vital when it comes to know about emergency condition in advance. Please read this information and retain it. You can also take a print out or save it on your computer for ready reference.

Why Pain occurs under left rib cage?

The human body is the complex engine in the world. That’s why there can’t be only one reason of having pain in your left rib cage.

You may feel pain under your left rib cage in case you have met some accident. Other reasons of pain can be some severe illness or any other medical condition of which you are ignorant as of now.

Following mentioned are the frequent reported reasons of such a pain.

Reason No. 1- Heartburn / Acid Reflux

Heartburn is considered as the most common reason of suffering. Heartburn is caused due to over consumption of foods or drinks which are high in acidic ingredients. This pain is so intense that sometimes patient starts to believe that he is having a heart attack. There are other patients who feel bloated feeling because in their stomach the quantity of acid is in insufficient quantity.

Reason No. 2- Spleen Irritation

The other most frequent reason of under left rib cage pain is due to irritation or rupture of the spleen. This rupture of the spleen causes discomfort and pain. Another sign of spleen irritation is that you will feel pain in left shoulder tips as well.

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Reason No. 3- Gas in the colon

When gas is trapped in the colon, it is also known as producing pain under the left rib cage. When gas finds no way out of the stomach, it triggers pain in the left upper abdomen. When you feel such kind of pain, then calm down and sit in a chair. This will help you to get rid of air that is trapped in your stomach.

The main cause of gas in the colon is that in your diet, there are foods which are rich in gas. In order to understand the reason of gas in your stomach you can maintain a diary in which you write all the foods that you eat. Note down food which caused you gas and in the future stop consuming it.

Reason No. 4- Costochndritis

This type of pain under left rib cage arise due to infection of cartilages which bind the ribs with your breastbone. Such feeling of costochndritis may arise when a forceful impact of your shoulders and rib cage area is triggered by any viral infection.

Costochndritis is so intense in its action, that the patient starts to feel like he is undergoing a heart attack. The feeling of heart attack arises because patient starts to feel unbearable pain under his breastbone.

If you feel such type of costochndrits pain, then don’t waste time and consult a physician as soon as possible.

Reason No. 5- Broken Rib

Another reason of the pain can be that your rib is physically broken. If you have gotten your rib broken, then contact your doctor. The intensity of broken rib can be determined by the help of X-ray.


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