Insecure Sex Causes Cervix Pain


Cervicitis is another hidden womanly disease which is quite dangerous and needs to be cured in time. Cervicitis is the name of the infection, which occurs in the vagina down at the end of Uterus which open into the woman’s vagina.

Though the disease is serious, but at the same time it has been observed that many women contract it. That’s why, if you have contracted Cervicitis then there is no need to worry. You just need to be conscious and should consult a doctor as soon as possible.
There are many factors which are responsible for the infection of the cervix. The most prominent reasons for the disease of Cervicitis are different types of infections which can be caused due to any chemical anomaly. A woman may contract Cervicitis due to any exterior irrational, which may be physical in character.

Another reason which may cause Cervicitis is allergy. As every person is different, hence the type of allergy usually varies from person to person. You should know about your health and that which things give you allergy. Always try to avoid things which give you allergy.

The main thing which involves incurring the Cervicitis is the identification of the disease. It is very important that you should try to heal your Cervicitis as soon as possible. In case, if you ignored this disease, the consequences can be very dangerous. God forbid, if this disease starts to spread than it can go along way, deep in the Uterus and down in the Fallopian tubes. Worse is that it can also attack, abdominal cavity and can hit pelvic, too.

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Another thing which is very serious and should be understood is that if you didn’t take corrective actions in time, it may also turn in into infertile lady. Every woman wants to be a mother and you too. Whenever, you feel that there is wrong, immediately visit a nearby doctor and have a checkup of your body.

If you have a beautiful baby in your abdomen and in case you contract this disease than it is something more for which you should be worried about. Contracting this disease with a baby in the abdomen is really dangerous for the baby’s life and health.
In order to make you understand with clarity, we are going to mention some tips, symptoms, and related information so that you can have a better idea that what is Cervix pain and what to do, in case you suffer from this disease.

However, there is no need to worry about this disease, Medical science has developed itself so well that it has the answers for all the diseases. The cervix is curable, its just the care that it needs. You will be alright soon!

Cervicitis- Why it happens?

The first thing which you should know about Cervicitis / Cervix is that, it’s an infection. You may contract this disease due to any irritation that you feel in your vagina. Never take irritation lightly, in case you are experiencing itching you should contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Another apparent reason for suffering from Cervitis is ‘Infection’. If you start to feel like there is something going wrong, immediately contact your doctor.

Cervicitis also occurs when the inner cells of the cervix start to destabilize or their health begins to deteriorate.
You can also check the symptoms yourself. For example, if the cells of your vagina start to turn red, then it means that there is an infection which is taking place. Other symptoms consist of pus and swollen places along with ooze. The place becomes very sensitive and start to bleed upon a slight touch.

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What are the reasons of Cervicitis?

The main reason of Cervicitis is the negligence in doing sex. When you don’t protect yourself during intercourse, then chances are higher that you may face Cervicitis.
During a sexual intercourse, you may suffer from following diseases.
• Chlamydia
• Gonorrhea
• Mycoplasma
The other reason for contracting this Cervix disease is the allergy that you may have with the material which is used in making condoms.
Those people are at the target of Cervix who perform sexual intercourse without protecting themselves. Those people who have multi-partners for doing sex are also the people who are running at a risk of contracting Cervix disease.
So, the best practice is that limit your sex with just one partner.


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