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When one wants to lose weight there are many options available. There are many exercise to choose from. For example, running, walking, Yoga, CrossFit etc. Doing exercise takes a lot of time and commitment. However, doing exercises to reduce weight takes time and it don’t happen overnight.

There are people who are over-weight and due to this reason they live a life full of risk. Those people who have gained excess weight are on the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For people who have gain hundreds of pounds of weight, doctor advise them to go through Gastric Bypass surgery.

If doctor has advised you for such a surgery then you must be thinking about the cost associated with this particular surgery. You would be wondering if there is any insurance cover available for Gastric surgery.

You would be also thinking ways by which you can convince your insurance provider company to grant of insurance for going through this surgery so that you have less burden of payment to bear.

For knowing all the answers of your curiosity, please keep on reading below.

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How Much does it Cost?

No doubt, this surgery is very expensive. Average cost, according to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney disease, runs between $20,000 to $25,000.

The price depends on numerous factors:

Factor No. 01- Type of Surgery

The cost of your surgery depends upon the type of surgery. The price of weight loss surgery would be different than gastric bypass one. In similar way the cost of gastric banding would be different than gastric bypass one.

The cost of operation of Sleeve Gastrectomy would be different from Biliopancreatic Diversion surgery. In short it all depends upon the type of surgery you want to have.

Factor No. 02- Surgeon Fee

Surgeon fee is also a factor which will determine the amount of fee that you will have to pay. Surgeon who is really famous and enjoys good reputation will charge higher.

Factor No. 03- Level of Complexity

Number three factor that determines the cost of  surgery is complexity factor. The more complex surgery the more the price would be charged.  

Factor No. 04- The country you live in

The country where you live in also have an impact on the overall cost. For example, if you live in United States the cost would be different. In similar way the cost would also be different in United Kingdom.

Factor No. 05- The Hostipal

The choise of hospital is also very crucial. For example, if you are choosing government funded hospital then price would be lower. In contrast, choosing a private hospital will cost you higher.

Factor No. 06- Additional Costs

  • Fee of Anesthesiologist’s
  • Fee of Surgical assistant
  • Cost of device will also be charged
  • Consultant fees (Optional)
  • Cost of followup procedures – (For the gastric band it is mandatory)

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Will Health Insurance Pay for my surgery?

The answer depends on the type of health insurance you have. For the clarification purpose you may read out policy of your insurance. If you have some confusion, then contact your insurer and ask question that are ambigious to you. You may also take your doctor’s consult on the issue of insurance coverage.

In reality, most of the insurance companies are conscious about their policy holder who are suffering from obesity and over weight. Because, the people who have obesity are more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Fat people are also prone to high cholestorl and type 2 diabetes.

For such people who are fighting with obesity, bariatric surgery can be very helpful to get rid of obesity related diseases. It is recognized by the American Society for Meabolic And Bariatic Surgery that it helps to recover from 30 obesity related diseases.

In case you are not covered by insurance then you will have to arrange for all the cost by yourself. Therefore, it is very important that you should have an insurance in your early age. Insurance is a life-line as it helps to afford treatment when you don’t have that much to pay in cash. The importance of insurance is very crucial for your family as well. You never know when you will meet and accident or a fatal disease. Get yourself covered as soon as possible.


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