Should You Go for Full Body Scan?


You must have noticed sign boards during a drive to Los Angeles- urging you to have a full body scan.

One thing which you must have noticed during this drive is the display of various sign boards which are placed at different locations, always compelling you to think about getting your body scanned. You start to think whimsical thoughts. What if I have some hidden disease?

You begin to think that Should I do it?

Same types of advertisement are repeatedly shown on your television screens as well. You find one and monotonous message in these advertisements around the roads and on television screens – Get your body scanned now!.

There is no doubt that there are several benefits of going through this, but the question here is that going through full body really saves lives? Are there any benefits attached with the body scan when it comes to prevention of health from certain diseases?

There are people who question the credibility of full scan due to its heavy cost. Some people also believe that it is just the wastage of money and it also cause unwanted worry to many people.

This is an undeniable fact that, nowadays body scans are high in demand. Almost all the rich people go through this to assess their health reliability.

There are many technologies available for scan. The most reliable machinery in full body is the one which uses computed tomography (CT) scans. Computed tomography helps to see the whole body. It is also used for to explore some certain part of the body to diagnose any specific disease a patient may have. For example, full  scan can be limited to, heart, lungs and other delicate parts of the body. The idea of going through this procedure is to diagnose any disease in its earlier stage.

There are many precious lives that have been saved by the help of full  scan. Its capability to determine the infected part of body no matter how deep or hideous it is has made doctor able to treat the early symptoms of disease. This not help helps a patient to get rid of disease, but also saves a lot of money as well. Above all, it’s the life which is a most precious thing to have.

During the process, you have to lie inside a doughnut shaped machine. This is an imaging device which rotates around your body. It scans your body with the help of transmitting radiation. The process of scanning your body takes around 15 to 20 minutes. In the full  scan the technique of combining multiple X-rays images is used to supplement of a computer produced cross sectional images of your body. During this process doctor examines all the parts of the body and tries to check if there are some signs of diseases, infections or abnormalities.

The dark of going through full  scan is that they aren’t cheap at all to afford. There is a heavy cost which one has to bear, which run between the range of $250 to $800. The worse about this is that they aren’t covered by the insurance, generally.

Another aspect with it is that these scans are now a bit controversial. There is a certain school of thought which is of the view that the cost associated with body scans outweighs the benefit of going through it. To some, this exercise is good enough to know the future. Still, there is no definite theory about full scan and the matter is under hot debate among medical experts.

human organs

The pro body scan, doctors view it as a smart move to go through a full it. At the same time doctors are of the view that if you feel healthy, then there is no reason that you should do it.

Therefore, it is vital that you consider about the reason of going through the this. The other matter which needs your attention is your family background medical history. If there was no one in your family who was suffering from a killer disease, then you better don’t do it. As it will only cost you money.

Ask yourself some questions before going to have a body scan. The most important question that you should ask yourself about your own medical history. Are you feeling like you have lung problem? Or any other family member had lung disease back in the past? Are you a smoker, that’s why you are worried about your lungs?

Think over these questions before going to do it.


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