The benefits of Borage Seed Oil


Basically, borage is one of the many plants which work wonders for humans. This is very beneficial plant as it’s everything such as leaves, flowers and even its extracted oil is used as medicine.

The natural extracted oil from this plant is beneficial for the skin disorders. It is very good oil for the disorder like Eczema, and other diseases like Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD). The use of Borage oil has also proven impact on Rheumatoid Arhrits. It is also the number one killer of Stress. For women, who have premenstrual syndrome- PMS can also use it for addressing the same.

It is also very good medicine for diabetes patients. The people who had problem of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, have reported that they felt quite better after using the oil.

This oil is also working wonders for people who have body pain. In case of inflammation or swelling, you may apply it to your skin for immediate relief.

If you want a health heart, then Borage oil is also good for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. As it is good for cardiovascular diseases, it is equally beneficial in prevention of strokes.

seed for making oil

If you use  seed oil when suffering from cough it will give you relief instantly. It is also good for fever and depression.

If you have insufficiency of adrenal then you can use Borage. It will purify your blood and as a result you will observe that you are urinating more than before. It is also very beneficial for lungs as it works as sedative for the said purpose. This plant also helps to promote sweat.

Those mothers, who complain that they are not producing enough milk for feeding their baby can use Borage for enhancement of milk production. The plant is also valuable medicine for the treatment of Bronchitis and fighting cold.

Borage is also applicable for people who want to soften their skins. It makes the skin grow soft by giving it a new life. You can also use it by mixing it in your salad and in any soup which you like most.

There are many good cosmetic-oriented companies which use Borage for production of skin related products. It has a magical function of turning sagging skin into a fresh one.

How it works?

The composition of the oil is comprised of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). In plain English, GLA is called ‘fatty acid’. This fatty acid is known for having strong potential to fight inflammatory diseases / problems. It is believed that the flower of Borage contains such antioxidant ingredient which makes it capable for fight inflammatory effects.

It is good for

Borage oil is a good medicine for people who suffer from lungs related diseases. For those people who are admitted in Intense Care Unit (ICU), if they are given this oil, then they will be able to recover soon than the expected duration of their stay in ICU. It helps to improve respiratory system of the patients and hence there is no more need to keep the patient on the mercy of breathing machine.

It can also be used for the purpose of nourishing children. It helps children to grow sharp both physically and mentally. It is a known fact that Borage oil helps children to build a strong nervous system. It can also be given to new born babies. However, it is seen that it is only given to baby boys.

for skin

Those patients, who are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis- RA, can feel instant relief, if Borage is given to them along with pain-killer medicines. The estimated period of feeling better for RA patients is almost six weeks. To know if there is any improvement in Rheumatoid Arthrits patient, you can check whether the severity of their swollen joinsts has decreased. It is said that Borage oil can give a relief for as much as 24 weeks.

It isn’t efficient for

Till now, the application of Borage hasn’t show encouraging results for the people who use it for getting cure from Eczema when it is taken by mouth. Pregnant women should consult a physician or gynecologist before deciding to use Borage. Borage can prove to be UNSAFE for pregnant women and mothers who are still in breast feeding phase.



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