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No matter which type of sinusitis contracts with you the outcome is painful and troublesome. It is quite astonishing to know that it’s a common disease which gets around 37 million people in its stronghold. If to be measured in terms of money, around $5.7 billion are spent over this disease to get rid of it.

It is true that this disease is pervasive but the ironical thing is that this disease is widely misunderstood. Due to the lack of information and guidance, normally people end up with wrong diagnosis, hence use wrong medicines which really don’t help.

The most troubling part of sinus inflammation is the pain and swelling. As you know that the area around our nose is of bone. There is an element called ‘mucus’ which is produced by our eyes and cheeks which are coated with membranes. The purpose of ‘mucus’ is to keep the inhaled air warm and moisten. In addition to that the mucus also keep germs away. When a person is infected with a sinus infection, the patient can’t drain out ‘mucus’ properly, as a result it starts to accumulate.

Following mentioned are the reasons of infection:

  • Excess usage of dairy products. For example, ice cream and yogurt.
  • Allergies with respect to environment
  • The pollution emitted by vehicles and cigarettes
  • Allergies caused by different foods
  • Infection related to teeth
  • Fungal infection
  • SCA abbreviated for Systemic Candida Albicans
  • Contract with cold and flu

In allopathic, doctors treat sinus infected patients with antibiotics. In addition to that allopathic doctors also treat the patient with steroids and anti inflammatory. If the condition deteriorates then doctors also opt for a surgery.

It has been widely seen that patients even take five different types of medication to heal these infections. The reason for undergoing so much medication is that none of the treatment method really helps. The main problem which hinders is that patients don’t quit milky products, for example, yogurt ice cream.

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Following mentioned are some valuable suggestions which can cure your sinus problems with natural remedies.

Plan your diet

The natural procedure to get rid of infection is to eat whole grains, lightly cooked vegetables. You can also have lentils, soup and other food items comprised of cold pressed oils. For best results always avoid mucus forming foods. The example of mucus forming foods are eggs, chocolates, sugar and other milk products.

In addition to the above mentioned diet plan, make sure that you drink ample quantities of water.

Get cured with Herbs

There is so much that nature has given us for our benefit. For making a healing soup, you can use cayenne pepper, onions and horseradish with garlic. Soup which will have such ingredients will help you to get rid of excessive mucus.
Another beneficial tip for healing, sinus problems, is to eat crush horseradish by mixing it with lemon juice. Before taking a dose of horseradish, make sure that you are at home and near to the sink as this soup will make your nose start running excessively. You can also add Japanese horseradish into your meal for quick relief and release of mucus.

Apple Vinegar

When you start to feel that you are in contract with such infection, then take 1 to 2 teaspoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar and mix it in six ounces of water. The Apple cider vinegar is considered as a healing, natural method to thin out congested mucous.

If the taste of apple vinegar feels sour to you then you can add honey for making it sweet. Keep taking this dose of apple vinegar for 3 times a day for continuous 5 days.

Extract of Grapefruit

The extract of grapefruit is considered as ‘citrus’ in nature. Therefore, it works as anti-biotic and works well for inhibition of microbes, bacteria and parasites. It is also very helpful to inhibit different types of fungi from which Candida yeast is one of them. In order to heal your sinus problems you can buy grapefruit extract from the market by calling it as GSE. GSE comes in the form of nasal spray. You can use it in the adjunct for your treatment.

Above mentioned natural methods will really help to get rid of infections. However, during this natural remedy process avoid milky products at all costs.

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