The causes of burning sensation in feet


The most prevalent cause of burning feet is the nerve damage of legs. In medical terminology this is called neuropathy.

However, there are many conditions which trigger burning sensation in feet, but the most common one is diabetes. All the medication which is made for providing relief from burning feet sensation are aimed at prevention of further nerve potential damage, at the same time reducing the pain as well.

Causes of Burning Feet

More than often the element which is responsible for burning foot is associated with neuropathy.

What really happens is the fact that nerve fibers get damaged and become overactive and start to misfire. As a result, the damaged never start to send false pain signals towards brain notwithstanding the fact that there is no existence of pain or injury at all.

In our body there is a whole network of nerve fiber. These nerves work as the communication medium for our brain. When anything happens to our body the nerve system carries the message to our brain in the duration of nano second. See, how you know instantly that you have got a nail in your foot. Whenever you feel some pain, it is the message which is carried forward by your nerves towards your brain. So, in this way, pain is a blessing. Pain is the alarm that there is something wrong with our body. Pain only goes away when we actually root out the problem which causes pain.

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Those people who are affected by neuropathy, the first part that starts to damage leg nerve.

The symptoms that start to show themselves off, in a person who is affected by neuropathy are tingling and numbness in feet. Some people also observe that their feet are turning excessively sensitive to touch. This sensation is called Hyperesthesia in medical terminology.

The presence of Hyperesthesia triggers a sensation of burning pain. The sensitivity and intensity of the pain may vary between mild to disabling.

From all diabetes and excessive alcohol abuse are the most responsible reasons for suffering from neuropathy in the legs. However, there are other conditions, too, which cause neuropathy – burning sensation feel in a person.

  • The patient may suffer Uremia – chronic kidney disease
  • Another sign can be minor fiber neuropathy
  • The patient may start to face vitamin B12 deficiency and also of B6.
  • If the person is Alcoholic

A person may also feel a sensation in feet due to:

  • LTHL- Low thyroid hormone levels.
  • AIDS
  • Erythromelalgia
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Hypertension

Neuropathy apart, other infections or inflammations are also responsible for the problems with feet. An example of such kind of burning sensation is athlete’s foot- the skin infection which is done by fungus.

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Another disease which is called Peripheral Artery Disease- PAD is also considered to be the reason of  such sensation.

When the flow of blood towards feet is not continuous, it may also trigger sensation in feet.

People have also complained about such problems when they are undergone gastric bypass surgery. The reason is that after gastric bypass our body can’t absorb Vitamin B well, hence, it causes neuropathy default and burning of sensation in feet.

Diagnosing Burning Feet

Those people who have Diabetics are the victim of  sensation. If you are having burning sensation, then you may go for a medical checkup to know whether you are suffering from diabetics. Fix an appointment with the doctor and tell him your symptoms honestly.

In case you already know that you are diabetes patient then there is no need to go for check up again. Diabetes is the number one reason for this issues with feet.

In diabetes the insulin process of our body gets damaged. Hence, doctor will advise you to have regular injection of insulin. You will also need to go through a regular diabetes level check up. Nowadays, there are many devices available, from which you can check your sugar level.

If you start to feet burning sensation, all of sudden, and you can’t figure out the real cause then you should consult the doctor. There may be another disease which is causing a burning sensation in your feet.


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