Things to consider after wisdom teeth removal


Going through wisdom teeth removal operation is a painful and delicate activity. One has to be very careful in terms of choosing a diet and other daily routine while the surgery is recently done.

After you have gone through wisdom tooth surgery, you have to take care of a number of things.Following mentioned are the tips which will help you to get recovered from your surgical procedure.

After the removal of wisdom tooth, doctor will ask you to bite the gauze pad intermittently. Do it on a regular basis. You must keep changing your gauze pad when one is filled with blood.

In case your bleeding is not stopping even after 24 hours, then you must contact your doctor and ask for suggestions or fix an appointment.After removal, your mouth will be in numb condition. Be sure that you are not biting your tongue or cheek.

Avoid sleeping horizontally. By laying down your bleeding will continue. Therefore, the best tip is that after removal of your wisdom teeth you should have your head high. In doing so, put 2,3 pillows under your head.

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In order to stop bleeding as soon as possible, you can use an ice pack on the outside of your check. As ice is cool in its characteristics, it will cause your gums to freeze down the blood. If you don’t want to use ice packs, alternatively, you can use moist heat. You can have moist heat by soaking your washcloth in warm water.

Continue this process of moist heating for 2 to 3 days for better results.

Avoid intense physical work after you have got your wisdom teeth removed. In intense physical activity the chances are high that you will not be able to get your bleeding seized.Don’t consume hard foods which need more chewing. Instead, include soft food into your diet. You can limit your diet to pudding or just to have thin soup, so that you don’t have to involve your teeth in hard chewing activity.

You can revert back to normal diet after your gums have returned to normal position and are no more infections.

Stop using straws for taking cold beverages. The act of sucking through a straw is dangerous for people who have undergone tooth removal. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do anything which may cause your blood clot to lose its efficiency.

The natural way to stop bleeding is to wash your mouth with salted water. Salt is a good antibiotic agent. Washing your mouth with salt water will make sure that your fresh surgery won’t get any germs.

You can carry on washing your mouth with salted water many a times a day. The average solution of salt in a water is one teaspoon. Mix one teaspoon of salt in warm matter and then wash your mouth 2 to 3 times a day.

The best time for washing your mouth with salt water is before going to bed. It will make sure that you will have germs free mouth all the night.


Generally, smoking is injurious to health. Especially, when you have got removed your tooth, in such case don’t smoke at all. If you can’t resist more then you should avoid smoking at least for one day. Smoking causes proliferation of germs into the mouth, which may risk your mouth health. Another reason for quitting smoking after tooth removal is that is smoking slows down the blood pressure. When blood pressure gets low this causes contamination in your mouth.

After surgery, patients observe a lot of irritation in their gums. This irritation wants patients to itch it with a tongue or finger. Such contact of tongue and finger with the recently operated gums may cause proliferate bacteria hence deteriorating infection. Always avoid rubbing gums with tongue or fingers.

Many patients think that brushing will be dangerous after going through the wisdom tooth operations. However, in reality it is not. Don’t skip brushing early in the morning or before going to sleep. For averting any risk of getting your blood clotting lose, you must brush slowly.

Continue brushing and washing your mouth with salted water till your mouth gets recovery from the infections.

If your doctor has advised you to pay a visit after a week. You should attend it on time. Doctor will inspect your mouth and will remove stitches, if required.


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