Understanding Reasons of Dry Sinuses


Each year around 37 million Americans contract Dry Sinus problem. The basic reason for such a huge number of population suffering from Sinus problem is that they don’t know how to keep themselves away of Dry Sinuses. It’s easy though. You just need to create a sinus friendly environment. That’s the only way you can keep the risk of contracting Sinus problem at lowest. You be astonished to know that the requirement is not very complex. There are very simple and inexpensive ways to keep such sinuses at distance.

What triggers Sinus Problems?

That’s the very important question, “What triggers this problem?” And the answer is very simple indeed. The most common reason of suffering this problem is allergies.
There are allergies which affect the nose. An example of such allergies is hay fever. This allergy causes swelling of nasal membrane. Same is the case with passages to the sinuses. Sinuses are the hollow space within the bones around our nose. The sinus blocks it completely. As a result, mucus, which should drain out of the nose can’t find the way out.
Another reason for Sinus desease is the congestion, thick mucus and the deteriorated sinusitis.

paranasal sinuses

Tip 1: Keep yourself Cool

In hot season membranes get dry. Due to hotness, mucus can not clear themselves out. That’s why problem occurs. It is necessary, therefore, that the room temperature should be kept at normal.
How to know which temperature is good for your health. Your body will tell you. See, if your body temperature remains normal in an environment – that’s the best temperature for you.

Tip 2: Let your home be Humidified

Make arrangement for such an indoor environment that is moderate in temperature. There shouldn’t be so much hotness inside the house, nor so much coolness that your body starts to shiver.

If the environment of your home is too humid then it may multiply the groth of mold which then triggers problem.
There is no consensus on the point of the value of the room humidity to achieve sinus-friendly environment.
There is a firm opinion about room humidifiers out there- “it never makes any difference” people say. If asked why there is no benefit of having room humidifiers, the answer comes, “ There is too much air to humidify”.
Although if home humidifiers used in the months from October to March, they can be really effective to keep sinus issues at bay.
If you already have this problem, then you can look up for Vaporizers. Make sure that they are in your ready access. There is no benefit of having a vaporizer in another room while you are sleeping in your bedroom. Make sure that you keep your devices clean on a daily basis so that they may not become a home for bacteria.
The right procedure to use vaporizer is to breathe the mist that comes out of it. You don’t have to breath the steam. If you breath the steam then it can burn you. Be conscious about it.


Tip-3 Arrange proper ventilation system

Even if your house is energy efficient still you can’t be sure whether your house is sinus-friendly. Normally, people seal up their house to make them energy efficient and end up with an air that is stale. This stale air, then just aggravates the sinus issue for the family living in that house.
It is recommended that you should open up your house so that air can come and go out easily. Do this only when there is a warmer day. Please don’t open up your house if it’s not a high pollen day.
Should have your air ducts on your HVAC system? This is another matter over which experts are divided. Some experts are of the view that such air ducts are a simple waste of time and money. Because dusts get dirty over time and need to be cleaned. When a person clean them they end up with sickness, aggravating airbone dust.
Another good tip to keep your house sinuses free is to clean up your air conditioner time to time.

Tip-4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can also prevent you from dysfunction of sinuses. You should drink at least quarter a day. However, water means plain water not beverages. The more plain water you will use the more you will remain healthy and well.


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