Why acne on the chin just don’t go away?


If it’s been ten years past your teenage and still you are having acne, then it’s time to think beyond your skin. The problem is something else.

As sometimes acne is the indication that you are undergoing harmonical disturbance which is responsible for more than mere facial blemishes.

Something about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Most of the women are affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It is a kind of hormone disorder that only occurs in women. Still, the medical science has not fully understood its cause, but the doctor believes that the reason behind PCOS is insensitivity to the hormone insulin.

The symptoms of PCOS are: Irregular menstrual cycle and ovulation. Affected woman may also gain weight due to this syndrome. Another symptom which needs attention is thinning of hair. Of them all, acne is the most notable indication of having PCOS.

Sidra Waqar, Assistant Professor at  Northwestern University is the head of Women’s Skin Health Program. She is very experienced and famous in her field. She says that

“ Any woman who had acne during the initial years of teenage and still have them when she reaches the age of 25 years, then it is probable that she is suffering from PCOS”. .

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in the picture

Acne which is related to COS normally tends to flare in the areas that are considered as hormonal- sensitive. The most sensitive part of being the lower third of the face. The area which is called the lower third of the face is consist of checks, chine, your upper neck and chin.

Those patients who are suffering from PCOS would get acne which has more slimmer knots beneath their skin. However, PCOS don’t grow up as fine surface bumps. The patients with PCOS complain that lesions in the affected area are flaring just before their menstrual period. The answer of this complaint is that acne just don’t go away. They need time.

In case you are having acne the best advice is to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist will refer you to some laboratory for diagnosing PCOS. You should also consult doctor if you are having inconsistent periods. As inconsistent periods are also the indication of PCOS.

It has also been observed that PCOS is most common in women who have diabetes. This isn’t surprising,though. Acne and inconsistent periods are the strongest indications that you are suffering from PCOS and that’s the way how your body is reacting to insulin.

So, you may be asking yourself that, “ Does this mean that I have diabetes and that’s why I am having acne? Or you may also be wondering and saying to yourself, “ Are acne the symptom of diabetes?”

If you just google, you would find out that there are lot of internet pages which are filled with these speculations. But here is the doctor who terms all these speculations as a lie.

He said, “ Acne is never a solid indication that you are going to have diabetes, ” he further said, “but there is no denying in saying that diabetes does trigger acne appearance on your face but acne are not the authentic indication that you are a definite patient of diabetes”

problems with the skin

Other Conditions responsible for Acne

Beside inconsistent periods and PCOS, there are other hormonal dysfuncationalities which are the reason of acne. For instance, those people who are suffering by a bunch of inherited disorders which are also called congenital adrenal hyperplasia- are the one who produce either too much sex hormone or too little. This is also the case with testosterone.

Jim John, dermatologist says that, “ Those patients with disorders have this problem with their adrenal glands- that are responsible for the production and metabolization of hormones.

Treatment of Hormonal Acne

The traditional methods of acne treatment such as retinoid gels and other cosmetic creams don’t work for the people who are suffering from PCOS. These traditional methods really don’t meet the needs of such people.

For such people who are suffering from PCOS, the best treatment is hormonal therapy.

Following mentioned are the ways by which you can control your hormone problem linked with your acne outbreak.

The first way to control your hormone problem is to take birth control pills. Another method to treat your PCOS disorder is to have Spironoctone.

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